Made in India Anti-Cancer Device a ‘Medical Breakthrough’ says FDA

Cancer treatments rarely see much medical breakthroughs and for an Indian scientist to achieve this is remarkable.

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Bengaluru based scientist’s anti-cancer kit approved for use in USA by the FDA

‘Cytotron’, a medical invention by Bengaluru based scientist Rajah Vijay Kumar to help in cancer treatment has got the honour of being called a ‘breakthrough device’ in cancer care by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Centre for Device and Radiological Health

‘Cytotron’ aids in tissue engineering of cancer cells, altering how specific proteins are regulated to stop these cells from multiplying and spreading, reported Times of India.

“It is a great feeling that after so many years of hard work against all odds, an institution like the USFDA is designating our work as a breakthrough in the treatment of three types of cancer.”
Rajah Vijay Kumar, Developer of Cytotron

The device was developed at the Centre for Advanced Research and Development in Bhopal, and is meant to cause the degeneration of uncontrolled growth of tissues.

How it Works

Cytotron uses fast radio bursts (FRB), high energy and powerful short radio bursts in which both electric and magnetic components of the electromagnetic signals are "circularly" polarised.

As it was developed in India and hardly any parts need to be imported, the device is set to be produced in India itself.

The Centre for Device and Radiological Health is responsible for the premarket approval of the medical device in the USA.

Cytotron has already been approved and in use in various countries including UAE, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong among others.

(With inputs from Times of India)

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