EPCA Declares Public Health Emergency in Delhi, Bans Construction

It also put a ban on construction till Nov 5th and ban on crackers. 

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Public health emergency declared in response to Air Pollution. 

Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) has declared a public health emergency in Delhi-NCR, and announced a ban on all construction activity till Nov 5. It has also asked for a ban on bursting of crackers through winter in the region.

This comes in response to the hazardous pollution levels that has been looming in the capital.

Earlier this morning, Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, tweeted about distributing over 50 lakh N95 masks to Delhiites struggling to breathe.

The distribution drive first targets students of both government and private schools in the capital.

“The Delhi government will distribute at least 50 lakh masks free of cost to the students of both government-run and private schools in Delhi from November 1. The government will distribute 50 lakh free N95 anti-pollution masks to nearly 16 lakh students and each student will be given two masks”.
Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister Delhi

The N95 masks are recommended for daily wear in current conditions as they cover the nose and mouth and filter up to 95% of the pollutants.

Kejriwal was seen distributing these masks on Friday, 1 November.

The Current Air Quality levels have also pushed the government to urge schools to cut down on outdoor sports events and and even possibly consider shutting down schools temporarily.

Here’s a handy guide on what pollution masks you should buy:

EPCA Declares Public Health Emergency in Delhi, Bans Construction

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