Kota’s JK Lon Forms Committee to Find the Reasons for Deaths

Kota’s JK Lon forms committee to track reasons of deaths.

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More than 110 kids died in JK Lon hospital in 35 days due to hypothermia.

As the horror stories from Kota's JK Lon hospital keep coming out and the death toll continues to rise each day, the hospital management has decided to form a death audit committee which will monitor the reasons behind each patient's death in the hospital, confirmed officials.

Suresh Dulara, hospital superintendent said, "We have decided to form a death audit committee which will be chaired by the heads of the departments namely paediatrics and gynaecologists. Each death reported in the hospital shall be audited from now onwards," he said.

By when shall it be implemented, Dulara said, "I wish to implement it right now. But I have been busy after assuming charge just a few days back to smoothen the flow of things here. Hence it shall be implemented by next month," he said.

Dulara was answering a question if he is contemplating any strong initiative to check the death toll which refuses to stop even in January.

Answering the query, he said, "We want to know the reasons behind each death reported in the hospital. Hence, we shall form the death audit committee where concerned HOD shall be chairing it. This committee shall track the reasons for each death reported inside the hospital."

More than 110 kids died in JK Lon hospital in 35 days due to hypothermia, a medical emergency that occurs when the body temperature falls below 95 degree F (35 degrees Celsius). The normal body temperature is 98.6 degree F (37 degrees C).

Even as the kids in the hospital continued to die in the biting winter cold, the hospital did not have enough stocks of lifesaving equipment.

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