Yes to Public Transport, No to Waste Burning: #PollutionKaSolution

Avoid the use of motor vehicles during weekends and try to switch to public transport, writes in a reader.

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Yes to Public Transport, No to Waste Burning: #PollutionKaSolution

It's not about pollution in only Delhi, but about pollution which exists around us in the whole country.

So, what can be the #PollutionKaSolution?

  1. Avoid the use of motor vehicles during weekends.
  2. Try to switch to public transport.
  3. Government should try to check the Vikram tempos, which are used to betray officials by putting on green colour falsely pose as CNG vehicles, when they actually run on diesel.
  4. Try not to use wood as a warming agent during winters.
  5. Try to dispose off the solid and other waste properly and don't put it on fire.

6. Dumping grounds should be properly checked by the governments to ensure fire is not used as a means of waste disposal.
7. Old vehicles should be retired on the priority.
8. Battery driven vehicles should be prioritised over fuel engines.
9. If you are happy, just celebrate and avoid using crackers to show your happiness.

(These solutions are given on the basis of pollution in Lucknow. This article was sent to Fit by Ali Mahdi Naqvi as we attempt to find solutions for pollution.)

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