Scrap Cleaning of Roads With Brooms: Reader’s #PollutionKaSolution

Install large air purifiers at major intersections which activates when PM levels start to rise, writes a reader.

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Cleaning of roads with brooms seems to be completely useless and simply blows dust in the air.

I think it's ridiculous that pollution is so bad in this city and country. It is often noted as the worst in the world!

Here are a few suggestions that I hope will be shared with authorities and may have already been brought up:

  • Dismissing the usage of brooms to clean roads. It’s largely useless in cleaning roads and simply blows dust in the air.
  • Implementation of road-sweeping machines on an industrial scale and smaller machines for smaller roads.
  • Fixing of potholes so that cars can glide through and pedestrians are not inconvenienced. This will also allow easier access for mechanised road sweepers.
  • Stopping the burning of refuse and small fires which I have seen people build during colder days.
  • Installation of large air purifiers at major intersections which can activate as soon as PM levels start to rise.
  • Use of salt water to water the roads regularly.
  • Proper garbage disposal i.e. no open garbage tips.
  • Closure of coal burning power plants.
  • Proper disposal of construction site waste. Workers should be more educated and aware of not throwing dry cement all over the roads.

(This article was sent to Fit by Rohan as we attempt to find solutions for pollution.)

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