Scrub Typhus vs Dengue: Know Your Symptoms

How do you distinguish between the symptoms of Dengue and Scrub Typhus?

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Excess rains and flooding has wrecked havoc in parts of Uttar Pradesh, with monsoon-related illnesses causing loss of life and sickness in districts in Western UP.

According to a central team visiting the affected areas, the reason behind death among kids is Dengue, Scrub Typhus and Leptospirosis in Firozabad.

The team has advised all those coming in with fever-like symptoms to be tested for Dengue, Malaria, Scrub Typhus and Leptospirosis.

How do you distinguish between the symptoms of Dengue and Scrub Typhus?

Dengue vs Scrub Typhus

Already battling the COVID-19 pandemic, several cases of 'mystery viral fever' were reported in many parts of North India. Viral and bacterial infections are on a rise.

As of 30 August in UP's Mathura district, 29 cases of Scrub Typhus were recorded, after which cases were reported in other parts of the state.

On 6 September, a young boy passed away due to Scrub Typhus in Madhya Pradesh.


What is Dengue and Scrub Typhus?

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dengue vs Scrub Typhus</p></div>

Dengue vs Scrub Typhus

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Dengue is a viral infection that occurs when a mosquito bites you. Dengue fever can happen due to four different types of viruses.

Scrub Typhus is a bacterial infection caused by a mite bite. The mite carries a bacteria called Tsutsugamushi. Cases of Scrub Typhus are reported in hilly areas, or in bushy areas where there is a risk of mites. The bacteria can also travel via intermediary hosts like rats, mole rats and squirrels.

Dr Ashutosh Shukla, an internal medicine specialist with Max Hospital, Gurugram, says that common symptoms of Scrub Typhus will include high fever, rashes and muscle pain. It can also cause swelling in lymph nodes and headache.

Doctors say that the region where the larva mite bites, a deep red mark appears.

This bite mark can be an indication for the disease.
Dr Ashutosh Shukla

High fever, ache in bones and muscles, headache and vomiting are also symptoms of Dengue.

You won't see swollen lymph nodes in Dengue fever. The bite marks will also be missing. But when platelets begin to fall, rashes can appear on the body.
Dr Ashutosh Shukla

But Dengue does cause severe muscle and joint pain.

Samir Bhatti, director of Star Imaging and Path Lab, says that Scrub Typhus symptoms appear 8-10 days after the bite and Dengue symptoms will appear 4-6 days after the mosquito bite.


Scrub Typhus and Dengue: Treatment

Blood and antibody tests are needed to diagnose the two diseases.

Antibiotics are given to treat Scrub Typhus, whereas Dengue is a viral infection and and antibiotics have no roll to play in its treatment.

There is no specific treatment for Dengue and it is treated symptomatically.

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