Don’t Discriminate Against HIV+ People, It’s Also Illegal Now

The HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2014, makes it illegal to publish one’s HIV status without consent.

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A red ribbon in support of HIV positive patients. (Photo: Reuters)

The cabinet approved amendments to the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2014, on Wednesday, making it illegal to discriminate against people with HIV or those living with them.

The Bill lists various grounds on which discrimination against HIV positive persons and those living with them is prohibited. These include the denial, termination, discontinuation or unfair treatment with regard to:

  • Employment
  • Educational establishments
  • Healthcare services
  • Residing or renting property
  • Standing for public or private office
  • Provision of insurance (unless based on actuarial studies)
An estimate of 21 lakh people are HIV positive in India.

The requirement for HIV testing as a pre-requisite for obtaining employment or accessing health care or education is also prohibited.

No person or orgnisation can compel someone to disclose ones HIV status without consent or a court order, according to the bill.

There is no financial punishment for the person not complying with the rules. However, the state governments, according to the bill, should appoint people to acknowledge and take actions on the cases under the bill.

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