Apple Bans all Vaping Apps from Store over Health Concerns 

“We’re constantly evaluating apps to determine risks to users’ health and well-being.”-Apple.

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42 vaping related deaths in the USA triggered the rising health concerns surrounding e-cigarettes. 

Apple on Friday, 15 November, confirmed the ban of all 181 apps on the app-store related to vaping, reported Axios.

This decision comes in the midst of growing concerns surrounding the use of e-cigarettes after 42 related deaths were recorded in the USA by the Centre For Disease Control (CDC).

“The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids applauds Apple for taking this important step and doing its part to address the youth e-cigarette epidemic.”
Matthew L. Myers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

The apps ranged from social networks, games and news feeds related to vaping to apps to control the e-cigarettes’ temperature and lighting. None of the apps facilitated the direct sale of e-cigarettes.

"We take great care to curate the App Store as a trusted place for customers, particularly youth, to download apps. We’re constantly evaluating apps, and consulting the latest evidence, to determine risks to users’ health and well-being," Apple said in a statement to Axios.

“ Apple is setting a welcome example of corporate responsibility in protecting our kids.”
Apple’s Statement to Axios

With this move, Apple aims to reduce youth exposure to the e-cigarette market and discourage their use.

(Written with inputs from Axios)

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