#WhyHealthMatters: Links to Nutrition, Gender, Healthcare & More

How does global warming affect healthcare? How do we look at women’s health beyond just reproductive health? 

Updated09 Aug 2019, 01:57 PM IST
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On Friday, 9 August, FIT teamed up with The Quint and Global Health Strategies to mainstream conversations on health and healthcare called Why Health Matters where we dissected the interlinages within health, and its connections with gender, nutrition and global warming.

From Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha who spoke on the media’s role to bring health to the front page to Insia Dariwala, filmaker and activist from Sahiyo, who spoke about female gential mutilation and the lack of healthcare awareness and access to women, the day was filled with inspiring conversations and quotable quotes from media personalities, medical experts and more.

Nutrition: It Starts From Here

For our first panel, we wanted to speak about one of the fundamental aspects of health: what we eat.

Far from a simple conversation, our panelists spoke on the need of preventing and reducing undernutrition across the life cycle.

Surviving Environmental Change: Risks to Health

For our second session, we spoke about one of the top-most burning issues of our time: global warming. How does it affect healthcare? Did you know climate change dissproprtionaltey affects women?

Our pannelists explain.

Not Without Women: Vision for India’s Women and Girls to Drive Progress and Change

Healthcare, like most aspects of society, is deeply gendered, and so it is vital to discuss healthcare and gender together.

Media as a Change Agent: Widening the Lens

Our day focussed on health, but how do we get these issues to the public? How do we underscore the importance of healthcare and bring more people into the fold?

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Published: 09 Aug 2019, 11:06 AM IST
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