Wondering How to Quit Smoking? Follow These Simple Ways

We bring to you five scientific methods that will help you quit.

Updated29 May 2019, 12:09 PM IST
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How many times have people asked you to stop smoking? At least a million times, right? But how many times have they suggested methods that will help you quit? Aha!

That’s exactly where we come in. FIT brings you five scientific methods that can help you quit.

Cold Turkey

Let’s not beat about the bush! If you decide to quit, then the best way is to go cold turkey. Yes, perhaps it is the most difficult method to quit smoking but hey, you always knew it was going to be difficult.

Make a firm decision in your head and stick to it. Remember: discipline is key.

(Photo: Liju Joseph/<b>FIT</b>)
(Photo: Liju Joseph/FIT)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) helps control nicotine levels in the body. It has proven effective in reducing the immediate withdrawal symptoms and subside the cravings. NRT is most effective when combined with counseling.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor if you aren’t sure of which NRT products to use or the dosage. The doctor will advise on the amount of dosage according to how much you smoke.

(Photo: Liju Joseph/<b>FIT</b>)
(Photo: Liju Joseph/FIT)

Prescription Drugs

Specific drugs work well in sync with NRT. Drugs (taken strictly under prescription) help to reduce the physical effects of nicotine on the body. So, the good news is that smoking might just stop being a pleasurable activity, thanks to these drugs.

(Photo: Liju Joseph/<b>FIT</b>)
(Photo: Liju Joseph/FIT)

Non-Smoking Peer Group

You have decided to quit? Great! But make sure that you are not hanging out with your smoker buddies. Many studies suggest that being around non-smokers is immensely helpful when one decides to quit. Yes, you got it right! Make your friends quit as well!

(Photo: Liju Joseph/<b>FIT</b>)
(Photo: Liju Joseph/FIT)

Do It For The Money!

If nothing has prompted you to quit smoking, then do it simply for the money. Just calculate the amount of money you have spent all these years on buying cigarettes. Whoa! Right! Now imagine what all you can do with that money if you quit smoking. Yes, so quit smoking and shop your heart out!

(Photo: Liju Joseph/<b>FIT</b>)
(Photo: Liju Joseph/FIT)

Cool, right? So, quit now!

Now that we’re on the topic, do tell us what you think about your own cigarette packs.

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