Can the Season You Are Born in Determine Heart Risk?
How is heart disease in later life linked to birth season of a person?
How is heart disease in later life linked to birth season of a person? (Photo: iStockphoto)

Can the Season You Are Born in Determine Heart Risk?

A new US-based study published in the British Medical Journal indicates the link between the season a person is born in and risk of death due to heart disease. The month of April is the worst, with 12 percent greater risk of death from heart disease.

The study shows that people born during spring and summer have a higher chance of getting diagnosed with heart disease than people born autumn, reported by MedicalXpress.

A recent study of more than 1.7 million US individuals indicated the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease observed among those born in the autumn, and indicated the highest risk among those born in the winter (January-March) and spring (April-June)

There are several factors affecting the risk of heart disease including diet plan during a particular season, pollution levels and availability of sunlight before birth or early life.

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The research has been carried out on the basis of several measured factors like family size and history, sample size, follow-up, detailed background on health and lifestyle of people along with the social and economic factors.

People of around 30 to 55 years were observed and asked to complete a questionnaire based on their health and lifestyle, to get a deeper understanding of the study. In fact, death certificates and medical data were followed to identify the reason of death for around 38 years.

The researchers believe that the study,

“Adds to the growing evidence suggesting that individuals born in the spring and summer have higher cardiovascular mortality than those born in autumn, but conflicts with previous findings on overall mortality.”

They added that the association of fetal and early life factors with cardiovascular disease mortality "could relate to a small but real seasonal effect of fetal or early life factors in later life.”

Around 43,000 deaths were recorded during the period of study, of which 8,360 were due to cardiovascular disease.

According to the researchers, “Further investigations are required to confirm current findings and uncover mechanisms of seasonal birth month effect in cardiovascular mortality.”

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