Not One, but Two Apples a Day to Keep the Doctor Away

How about two apples a day to keep your heart healthy?

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How about two apples a day to keep your heart healthy?

A new study by scientists at the University of Reading showed that having two apples a day holds more health benefits than just one.

The researchers observed a group of 40 healthy people during the study for eight weeks, as reported by mindbodygreenhealth.

The group was divided into two- the experimental group who consumed two apples a day and the control group who had apple juice for the study period of eight weeks.

The results were positive for the experimental group as they showed improvements in overall blood vessel health and decreased the risk of heart diseases or cardiovascular disease.

As per the study, consuming a rich polyphenol compound called proanthocyanidins (PAs), present in the apples, can cure high cholesterol and heart diseases.

“This latest study shows that the impact of an easy to implement dietary change could have an important impact on key measures of heart disease risk. A particular interest in this study is how the two whole apples, rather than a sugar and calorie matched apple juice drink, has had a significant effect on markers of heart health of participants.”
Julie Lovegrove, head researcher, Ph. D.

The change from ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to ‘two apples a day to maintain a proper health’ was necessary to take care of the heart, considering the increasing cases of heart and cardiovascular diseases.

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