FIT Quiz: Do You Know How to Prevent an STD?

Which contraception works the best? How to prevent an STD? Take the FIT Quiz to find out

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Oral contraception is no protection against STDs and STIs, hence always use barrier contraception.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day is held annually on 12 February to help spread awareness about sexual and reproductive health issues and sexually transmitted diseases.

Over the past several decades, India has taken important steps to support women’s sexual and reproductive health. India was the first country in the world to launch a family planning program in 1952 and one of the first few to legalise abortion in 1971. Yet today, millions of Indians still lack access to quality sexual and reproductive health services.

Sexual and reproductive health is something that impacts all of us - but do we know enough about it?

Do you know what an STD is? Or what the different contraceptive methods are - and which one works best? A big misconception in India is that abortion is not legal. But do you know up to how many weeks you can legally abort in India?

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