Sex For 6 Days, 6 Times is Jack Ma’s Sex Advice For You
Is it possible to maintain an active sex life with so much work pressure?
Is it possible to maintain an active sex life with so much work pressure?(Photo: AP)

Sex For 6 Days, 6 Times is Jack Ma’s Sex Advice For You

After advocating people to follow the spirit of "996" (9 am to 9 pm, six days a week at workplace), Alibaba founder Jack Ma now has given another advice for an improved life: Follow the spirit of "669" (sex for six days, six times, with duration being the key).

According to a report in Daily Mail, China's richest man gave this advice to the employees during Alibaba staff's group wedding in the country.


“At work, we emphasize the spirit of '996'. In life, we should follow ‘669’,” Ma said.

The 54-year-old Ma was speaking at his company's mass wedding which takes place every year on 'Ali Day' on May 10 at the company's headquarters in Hangzhou.

The ‘996’ work philosophy was criticised by the tech industry.

The ‘669’ philosophy has also created a social media storm, with many net users calling it lewd.

The "669" quote was posted on Alibaba's official page on Weibo with a winking emoji.

"Making a lewd joke in public and notoriously promoting it - are you being responsible to minors? Thumbs down this time," read another comment.

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Sex Drive and Work

But how consistent are Jack Ma’s two suggestions? Is it possible to be working for nine hours and still having sex regularly?

If studies are to be believed, lifestyle changes, especially stress, have a significant impact on your libido. For instance, one study by Max Healthcare found,

Professional stress leads to reduced sex drive in men (21.1%) more than women (9.5%).

Dr Sujeet Jha, senior endocrinologist at Max Healthcare, who was involved with the study says the immediate impact of lifestyle is on sexual dysfunction but the larger concern is more long term.

Young guys in their 20s and 30s don’t realise that while inability to get an erection is an immediate concern, what’s worrying is that in their 40s and 50s they are more prone to heart disease, kidney failure and other lifestyle ailments. Lifestyle is also the leading cause of infertility in India.
Dr Sujeet Jha

Another research revealed that frequency of sex has declined in Britain, majorly due to the sheer pace of modern life. Kaye Wellings, lead author of the study, added that those most affected are in mid-life, who are usually busy with children, work and responsibilities towards old parents.

So yes, Jack Ma seems to be giving inconsistent advise. But there is still some weight in his suggestion to maintain a healthy sex life. Past evidence has indicated that an active sexual life adds to fitness, happiness, better cognitive function, boosted immunity and more.

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