Love, Sex & Disability: Stories of Love in an Able-Bodied World

“There is power in the disabled experience. There is joy in being disabled! We don’t want you to fix us!”

Let's talk sex
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“Going on dating apps as a disabled woman, when I was about 18 or 19, I was terrified of my disability. Including disabled in my bio was a huge thing. It has taken me several years to accept my disabled and queer body. And now I proudly write, disabled, queer and chaotic!” says Anusha Misra, a columnist and editor of Revival Disability Magazine, a digital media project by and for disabled and queer people.

“I want a partner, not a caregiver,” asserts Rakshit Malik, a JNU student and author who has retinitis pigmentosa, an instance of partial sightedness as he describes it best, while Abhishek Anicca, an author and poet who identifies as a person with disabilities and chronic illness adds, “I am not your therapist, I add that in my bio too.”

When we think of dating, who do we see? Is our world inclusive to all bodies? Are our apps disability-friendly?

Or to flip it around: do able-bodied people think they’re the only ones who want love, sex and fun?

This Valentine’s Day, FIT brings you the stories of 4 people looking for love. Or as Chehak Gidwani, poet, researcher & student at TISS Mumbai, says, “As a part of the disabled and queer community, I always felt that most of the experiences, mainly the romantic ones, were very inaccessible to us. But what I feel now, is that we have redefined Valentine's day and we bring it to you in the form of CRIP-LENTINE'S DAY.”

So wishing you all a very, very happy Crip-lentine's day!

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