New Consent Condom Requires Four Hands to Open

An Argentinian sex toy company has developed a condom that requires four hands to be opened. 

Published16 Apr 2019, 06:08 AM IST
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In a first, an Argentinian sex toy company has developed a consent condom which requires four hands to open. Through this condom the company, Tulipán, aims to prevent sexual assault.

According to an article by Health, the packaging is in such a way that it requires four circles to be pressed at the same time in order to open it. This condom combines the two most important things required for sex, condoms and consent.

According to a CDC report, 1 in every 5 women have experienced completed or attempted rape in their lifetimes. Through the consent condom, Tulipán aims to educate people and spread awareness about consent.

The condom is packaged in a square box with 4 circles around the edges. These circles have to be pressed simultaneously for the condom to open. The box reads “If it’s not a yes, it’s a no.”

Many people are skeptical of this method of preventing sexual assault, as the fingers of a single a pair of hands can be placed in such a way to press all four buttons. However, the initiative is widely appreciated and it is giving consent, the recognition it deserves.

The company has not made these condoms available on their website yet, but distribute these condoms for free in bars in Buenos Aires.

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