Self-Lubricating Condom? It May Make Sex Easier, Reduce Infection
Self-lubricating condoms anyone?
Self-lubricating condoms anyone? (Photo: iStock)

Self-Lubricating Condom? It May Make Sex Easier, Reduce Infection

You no longer have an excuse to not use a condom. As part of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s competition to ‘design a better condom,’ researchers have come up with a self-lubricating condom that gets slippery when wet. It can also potentially last up to a 1000 thrusts.

Condoms have existed for ever and every few years, attempts are made to make it more appealing. They remain the best protection against sexually transmitted infections. Despite their ease of use though, they remain the least popular choice of contraceptive in India, according to National Family Health Survey, 2016. What’s worse, the same survey has indicated that its use has reduced over time.

How Do the New Condoms Work?

A specially-designed layer of hydrophilic polymers coats the condom’s surface, which becomes lubricated when it comes into contact with moisture.

Now you can buy condoms that have a thin layer of lubricant already applied from the market, but users often complain the layer wears off during intercourse.

How good is the self-lubricating condom? The researchers claims their condom can last up to a 1000 thrusts. A typical sex does not last longer than 100 to 500, so that makes this new condom pretty durable.

Now you can always buy lube from the market to improve the slickness of the existing condom, but again users have limited success with them.

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Self-Lubricating vs the Lubricated Condom

Super condom can last up to1000 thrusts.
Super condom can last up to1000 thrusts.
(Photo: istock/Altered by FIT)

According to the study published here, a group of volunteers were asked to rate the two condoms on slip and slide. 73 percent rated the self lubricating condoms higher. In what could be a positive impact, many users who had never used a condom before said they would be more likely to try these new condoms.

Clinical trials involving couples will begin early next year.

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