Are You An Alcoholic? Know More About How Much is Too Much!

Are you worried your drinking is getting out of hand? Do you know if you are crossing your limit? Find Out!

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Do you like to kick off your shoes and nurse a fine scotch after a long day at work? That occasional chilled beer with your meal as you watch a cricket match? Or do you knock down a few drinks every other night and then binge on weekends? Are you the life of the party ONLY when you’ve had a few?

Are you worried you are turning into an alcoholic? Here’s a handy guide to help you know your alcohol and understand when you’ve crossed your limits and need a reality check.

The information below is based on the UK Chief Medical Officers’ Low Risk Drinking guidelines, 2016.


What Counts As a Unit of a Drink?

Are You An Alcoholic? Know More About How Much is Too Much!

So what does that mean?

How much alcohol can I have in a week?

  • 01/03
  • 02/03
  • 03/03

So can I have all of it together??

Are You An Alcoholic? Know More About How Much is Too Much!

Now comes the question. When should I start worrying?

  • 5 drinks in a 2 hour period is binge drinking. If you are drinking 2 glasses every day and bingeing on weekends, you are in danger zone.
  • If you drink more when you are stressed, you could be in trouble.
  • If you have nights when you struggle to control your drinking, you need to worry.
  • Finally, if you have a drink before a meal, a couple with and then a nightcap, you need a reality check?


Let’s be very clear, at no point are we recommending you have a drink every night. These guidelines are broad. If you have any health issue, you need to inform your doctor about how much you are drinking and if it is safe for you. These guidelines DON’T apply to pregnant women or those under medication. Even if you are healthy, it is highly recommended you have several drink free days during a week.

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