Forget Green, Black! Blue Tea is Here With Its Many Wonders

Blue tea has many vitamins and minerals which have anti-ageing properties and are great for skin and hair.

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Blue tea has many vitamins and minerals which, along with anti-ageing properties, also help keep your skin and hair looking great.

Green and black teas are common, but how about trying the blue tea? This variant not only gives you a good taste, but provides plenty of health benefits too.

Kausshal Dugarr, Founder and CEO of, lists down the health benefits of blue tea as follows:

Antioxidant: One of the most prominent benefits of drinking blue tea is that it has a lot of antioxidants. These powerful bio-compounds help the body fight free radicals which are toxic and cause premature ageing. It is a good idea to detox the body once in a while with an antioxidant-rich drinks like blue pea tea.

Anti-diabetic: A cup of blue butterfly tea taken in between meals will inhibit the intake of glucose from the diet and lower blood sugar. Antioxidants in the tea also help the body lower risk of infections, which diabetics are prone to, and it is also great for your heart health.

For hair, skin: The antioxidants in a cup of blue tea are great for hair and skin. This tea also has many vitamins and minerals which keep your skin and hair looking great as it keeps them from ageing prematurely.

Energises and boosts brain activity: Blue pea is proven to be nootropic. That means it refreshes the brain and boosts it activity and function. This will keep you energised and feeling great.

Forget Green, Black! Blue Tea is Here With Its Many Wonders
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Tea Expert Rishav Kanoi, Founder of The Tea Trove, shares that blue tea helps:

Treat anxiety and depression: Anxiety and depression have become a prevailing fact these days. Stress levels have increased among the young population which is causing depression. According to studies, blue tea can relieve stress and lower down the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Lower the risk of cancer: Blue pea flowers are a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to minimise the profound damage to cells of the body. The lesser the damage to cells, the lesser the risk of all types of cancer.

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