We Got a Bartender to Give Us Tips to Cure Hangovers

Got a hangover? We’ve got a cure! A bartender shares her secrets to curing that hangover

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(Let’s face it - we’re all going to be partying our way into 2020. As we do, FIT is republishing this video to make sure you have your fun and stay healthy too!)

It’s the season to be merry. And to party. And what happens when you make merry and party? You get drunk and wake up with a hangover. And who knows how to cure hangovers best? Bartenders of course!

We got Parul Pratap, bartender at Delhi’s Music and Mountains- The Hillside Cafe, to give us tips on how to get rid of that horrible hangover after a heavy night of partying.

Nothing works better than drinking loads of water and a carb-heavy meal of paranthas, burgers and fries. Parul brings us options if you can’t keep food down.


Citrus Overload

<p>Nothing quite like a vitamin overload</p>

Nothing quite like a vitamin overload

(Photo: FIT)

Vitamin C, loads of it, is your best bet. Opt for what Parul calls a Citrus Overload.

  • In a tall glass pour orange juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup.
  • Top it up with soda.
  • Stir, stir, stir. It’s going to make you feel great!

Changes in the body's PH levels that occur after you drink Vitamin C help ease most hangovers.

Bloody Beer

<p>Poison kills poison! How about a Bloody Mary and Beer combo?  </p>

Poison kills poison! How about a Bloody Mary and Beer combo?

(Photo: FIT)

But honestly, the best way to cure a hangover is poison. More liquor! The inspiration for this recipe came from Parul’s parents. She says,

This goes back to a conversation my parents used to have. My mom believed that we should have a Bloody Mary. It will fix everything. My dad would say the next morning you need to have more beer!
Parul Pratap, Bartender, Music and Mountain Cafe

So Parul’s created a drink she calls the Bloody Beer.

  • In a tall glass pour tomato juice, vodka and lemon juice.
  • Go to town with Tobasco, a whole lot of spice is going to cure all your hangover.
  • Add some Worcester sauce for flavour.
  • Top it up with beer. Stir stir stir.
  • Add some celery salt made after drying celery leaves in the sun and crushing it with little bit of salt in a mixer.

Warm Spiced Toddy

<p>A warm spiced toddy anyone?</p>

A warm spiced toddy anyone?

(Photo: FIT)

Now if Bloody Beer is too cold for a cold cold winter morning, we have something warmer to cure that hungover feeling. A warm spiced toddy infused with juices.

The spices here will help your digestion in such a way that whatever you’ve had a night before will ease out of your system.

  • In a glass mix apple juice, lemon juice, orange juice.
  • Heat the juices with a mix of spices including cloves, cardamom, nutmeg etc.
  • Infuse whisky with plums.
  • Mix it all together and you have a warm cure to your winter hangover.

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