Forget Resolutions, Pick a Word To Take You Through The New Year

Choosing a word for the whole year reduces the burden of expectations & can be easily followed throughout the year.

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Choosing a word for the whole year reduces the burden of expectations & can be easily followed throughout the year.

The last week of any year is the time for parties, family reunions, laughter and frolic. Christmas season brings in much cheer and happiness.

However, underneath all the happy gloss lies a little unease that tells you to take stock of your life. The persistent insistence of that little voice in your head makes you feel guilty of many things you couldn’t do which it feels you should have. These ‘should’s make you uncomfortable and push you towards action.

Mostly people postpone personal development plans to the New Year by making resolutions. A long list that includes switching to a healthy lifestyle, spending time with parents, finding time for hobbies and many things in-between is created. The sheer length of this list is mind-boggling and hence discarded soon.

According to Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon, co-authors of One Word That Will Change Your Life, 87 percent of adults make New Year's resolutions. However, half of them give upon those resolutions even before the end of January.

For this very reason the trend of choosing a word for the whole year is becoming popular. It reduces the burden of expectations and can be easily followed throughout the year.

The difference between a New Year Resolution and the word for the year is that there are no concrete goals involving either success or failure, but a theme that guides you through not only the year but through life.

What started with personal words is now a global trend. We have official word of the year. The official word of 2018 was ‘toxic’. No wonder, there was so much unpleasantness this year.

Scientists believe that all matter originates from energy. This includes thoughts, prayers, beliefs and words.

When we frequently think, believe and speak positive words our frequency is altered, and we feel happy and hopeful. This attracts good into our lives.

Here’re some tips that will help you discover your word for 2019:

Soliloquy in Solitude

Forget Resolutions,  Pick a Word To Take You Through The New Year
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Introspecting, spending time in nature and meditating is helpful. The point is to cut out distractions and noise. Schedule ‘me time’ to connect with your heart. Unplug from digital devices to ponder. Make a list of words you like. If a word feels right look up its synonyms to help you decide.

Find Answers

Ask yourself questions to uncover the theme behind your desires. Find out what you need, if you feel challenged or blocked in anyway or something you yearn seems out of reach and then make a note. Basically, it is about needs, feelings or discarding something.

Be Open to Receive

Sometimes your word may come out of the blue. You could find it in a title of a book, a story or lyrics of a song. Be attentive to discover.

Pin on Pinterest

Forget Resolutions,  Pick a Word To Take You Through The New Year
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Browsing on Pinterest offers many ideas. It is fun to create a secret board for words. Check through the gorgeous images and scrapbook pages shared on Pinterest to jot down a list.

Make Your Word Visible

Once you have selected your word, it is time to notice it often. Create word art, print and stick it around the house. Turn it into a screensaver or as your smartphone background. Use it as your profile picture or get a bracelet engraved with it. These constant and consistent reminders keep you connected.

Consciously thinking and introspecting on the word helps in peeling off its layers.

Every word has different connotations depending on the phase of your life and personal factors. By playing it in mind intentionally, helps to imbibe its qualities over time.

Ali Edwards of ‘One Little Word’ began a tradition of selecting one word for herself each January to focus. She shares that these words are a part of her life in some way and have helped her evolve as a person she is today.

Change the way you think, believe or act and select one word this year to focus with your heart and see what happens. You might be surprised to see how one small word can make a big difference.

(Nupur Roopa is a freelance writer, and a life coach for mothers. She writes articles on environment, food, history, parenting and travel.)

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