Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar On Getting Healthy in 12 Simple Steps

Rujuta Diwekar tells you the secrets to a healthy life!

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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is known for dishing out nutrition advice based on traditional learning and often challenges the western construct of what is a healthy diet. Her new book '12-Week Fitness Project' presents a 12-step guide to fitness.

She's transformed celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan. We asked her for her 12 ways to good health and sustainable fitness and weight loss.

For the first three weeks, she says, “Start your day with banana or soaked raisins. For all of you who have PMS, you start your day with soaked raisins and kesar at least 10 days before your period so that all the bloating, irritability and all of those things are sorted.”

Guideline for Week Two is to include ghee in your diet, because she says it is a superfood that will help you digest food better, get rid of bloating, and improve your skin and hair.

Week Three is to reform, rethink and regulate the use of your gadgets, Diwekar says. While using your gadgets, she emphasises the importance of making sure you're in the right posture, or you could end up getting this ‘tech-neck’ kind of issue, which can cause lower-back problems.

For the next few weeks, she says, “Eat a wholesome meal between 4-6 PM every evening. This is when your diet crashes, this is when you make all your mistakes and reach out for the samosas and sev puris of the world. So eat something wholesome. It could be peanuts and jaggery, or roti, jaggery and ghee. Or just a banana. What this will do is that it will ensure that your cortisol levels dip like they are meant to, and that you will actually have a good night's sleep. Also, move more and sit less. Sitting is the new smoking, I'm sure you already know that. Then, start with at least one session of strength training every week.”


When it comes to eating, she says “Don't forget to eat cashews they are local, especially to all of coastal India and they are great stress busters. And if you are the type who doesn't get good sleep, then just add a few cashews to your milk at bedtime. That's one drink which will get you a good sleep.”

Rujuta’s new book The 12 week Fitness Project releases on 4th Jan 2020.

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