20 Honest Health Goals for 2020
How about some honest health goals for 2020?
How about some honest health goals for 2020? Aroop Mishra/Fit

20 Honest Health Goals for 2020

2020 is here! It's the start of a new decade, but a new decade of what? Late mornings, more ordered in food, more inches on the waist?

Or a new decade of health goals so elaborate that they dissolve with the new year party hangover?

How about neither? Presenting honest health goals that only speak the language you understand.


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Only Bear Grylls gets to sit on his office chair and not do anything. Well, that is, if he has ever sat on an office chair! But according to Dr. Anoop Misra, Chairman, Fortis-C-DOC Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, the rest of us do need to indulge in physical activity for at least 2 and a half hours per week.

I know most things healthy are boring. A healthy, emotionally available partner? Are you kidding me? Boooo--rring! But really, there's no need to sweat about the veggie business. Just have them the above twice prescribed times a year, and you are sorted.

You may have lots of contracts as obligations, but playing Devdas isn't one of them. Considering you aren't SRK reading this.

But hey, listen to doctors and they will tell you that to prevent Type 2 diabetes, you still need to limit alcohol to just four 30 ml pegs per week.

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One of the top most health doctors of India, Dr. Ashok Seth told us that by indulging in physical activities, we could reduce our risk of a heart attack by 25%. Now, isn't that a great reason to run for your life?

Wonderwoman is already here. So about the next female superhero being Iron woman? No, not the metal wearing unrealistic kind, but the woman who eats healthy doses of folic acid!

Passive smoking is equally dangerous as active smoking. Which is sad (and lame). And so, Dr. Ashok Seth recommends that we no longer allow our friends to smoke inside the house at houseparties. Which means, we are either going to be friendless, or might need new friends.

Remember how corny Bollywood movies would pit 'ghar ki dal' with outside chicken? Well, I think it's high time we champion the cause of the ghar ki dal. For one, it will save an expensive divorce, and two, it will be great for health!

And for the spouse that cooks meals, here's another tip.

Because hey, while...

Really, in 2020, get more micronutrients in your diet, on nutritionist Kavita Devgan's advice!

But, if there's one thing you shouldn't do this year, it is this.

The good news in 2020, though, is that you don't have to skip dinner dates just to stick to a healthy diet. You can always order something healthy, nahh, big lie, just stock up on food beforehand.

Did you know eating food mindfully can be like free therapy? Yes, one of the things Kavita Devgan wants you to do in 2020 is to practise mindful eating. No Netflix, no texting, just being aware of the food, its textures, its origins can fix you up mentally.

We don't know if Dr. Ashok Seth is a fan of capitalism, but what he does strongly recommend is for companies to ensure their employees work hard even during their time.

No, he doesn't mean extra work. He just means that by installing treadmills, companies can ensure they are heart healthy.

But while body health is important, let 2020 be the year when you take care of mental health too. So, let's begin by getting this truth out of the way.

Nuff said. By acknowledging and speaking our truth, we allow others to help us. Psychologist Kamna Chibber, psychologist at Fortis Hospitals, tells us that the sooner people go to a psychologist or other mental health professional, the more are the chances that they get soon completely, without reducing years' of quality life.

But getting over a mental health issue quickly does not mean brushing feelings under the carpet. Because remember...

One of the mental health goals Dr.Kamna recommends is to acknowledge your feelings (yes, even the ugly ones) and not be in a rush to get rid of them.

Trust us, that one hour of crying because you are upset is better than letting the hurt lie dormant in the corners of your heart.

*Picks a tissue paper and starts crying*

Mental health goal for 2020: Speak up when you aren't feeling okay. Because Dr. Kamna will tell you that happens to the patients who come after long. Just kidding... It is not that bad.

However, the sooner you acknowledge something's wrong, that you are struggling, the sooner you get help and the easier it is to fix the issue. So, speak up when things get tough in 2020.

56 inches (of waist) is nothing to brag about! So let 2020 be the year when you seriously maintain your BMI.

Don't know about gut feelings, but the feelings of the gut are something we definitely need to be careful about in 2020. A good gut is really important to our overall well being. So let's take the bad gut feeling a little more seriously, and as nutritionist Kavita Devgan recommends, eat curd and other probiotics to get over it.

Did you know cervical cancer, which mostly affects women, is the only cancer for which we have a vaccine?

So ladies and girls, this in 2020, besides gifting yourself glam dresses, also gift yourself this life-saving vaccine!

And lastly, this one's for all the young, sexually active girls. If by mistake, pregnancy hits, please don't self medicate an abortion. Gynae Nupur tells us that girls come with severe injuries to her, after self medicating an abortion goes wrong.

So, no matter how terrifying going to a gynae seems, trust us, it's 100% better than depending on Google gynae.

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