Genetic abnormalities make some people more inclined to addiction.
Genetic abnormalities make some people more inclined to addiction.(Photo: iStockphoto)
  • 1. Addiction: A ‘Brain Disease’
  • 2. Nature-Nurture and Addiction
  • 3. Stages of Addiction
  • 4. What After Addiction?
The Fault in Our Genes: Understanding Addiction as a Disease

Food, sex, video games, gambling, alcohol, shopping, hoarding, drugs - what do all of them have in common? All of these can lead a person down the path of addiction.

Before proceeding, it’s important to note what addiction truly is. Simply put, it’s a disease that happens as a result of alteration in your neural pathways. What it certainly isn’t is a weakness of will-power or character or a moral flaw.

Mumbai-based psychiatrist Dr Yusuf Merchant points out that addiction should not be viewed as a weakness in character. “Someone who is an addict is looking for a solution. Why not replace his addiction with a solution? What we do is isolate the person further, making them feel lonelier”, says Dr Merchant.

He adds that addiction is only a symptom of the problem.


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