Actor Danish Sait Opens Up About Fighting Anxiety and Depression

Actor Danish Sait Opens Up About Fighting Anxiety and Depression

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Actor, stand- up comic, and radio host Danish Sait started his career in the middle-east, then moved to Bengaluru. He had a stable career growth, but a lot of it changed when he realized he wasn't feeling too well. Danish said,

“I had a decent salary. I had a decent place to stay at, but I just think there was something missing.”

He realized he had to go and seek help, and he took the first step in fighting his anxiety and depression. He understood slowly that it wasn't his past that was troubling him, it was the constant expectations he had with himself, and the need to over-achieve.

He realized his biggest short-coming: Trying to fight with time.

“When you try to unravel more than what is there in the present I think that is when you start adding pressure in your life. For example when I was in Dubai, I used to produce a show. I put myself under pressure, I wasn’t happy with the people around me and I didn’t feel happy looking at them grow. Today, ten years later, my priorities have changed. It is about wanting to be a better person.”

Danish also spoke about the need to give therapy a chance, and why he believes he wants to speak about his struggles online, even if it helps a single person:

"Sometimes talking to an absolute outsider helps... If you're going through depression or anxiety I don't think empathy or sympathy can change your world. If you have a cold or a cough or a fever you will go to a general physician and take some medicine from him. I think a psychologist and psychiatrist are professionals (just like that.)"

Watch the video for more on his journey to a happier, healthier future.

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