International Day of Girl Child: History, Significance and Theme for 2021

Know about the history, significance and theme for this international day for girl child.

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11 October is celebrated as the International day of girl child, as a way of empowering girls and amplifying their voices across the globe.

This celebration aims at recognising the power and potential the girls hold and they can do if they get equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

On this day, the United Nations, other girl child organisations, support groups and people across the world take a stand against violence, child marriage, rape, poor health and educational opportunities for girls that pose as barriers in their life.

People who want to participate and show their solidarity to the cause can do so with the help of social media and empower girls in the ways they think they can to spread the word and girls they know feel special.


International Day for Girl Child: History

The rights of the girl child have been neglected since time immemorial, and even today women have to fight for equality and justice in every aspect of their life.

But International day for girl child is a way of bringing the focus back on the rights and opportunities for girls.

It was in 1995, when the World Conference on Women was helped with all the Beijing countries being a part of it. That year they adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action which was a progressive blueprint and took a stand for the rights of girls.

In the year 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared 11 October as the International day for Girl Child for raising awareness regarding the issues and challenges of girls and promote the concept of girls' empowerment along with fighting for their rights.

International Day for Girl Child: Significance

This day is important because the talks, seminars, campaigns raise awareness on the importance of a girl's safety, education and health.

It signifies that girls should not only be taken care of during their childhood, but also in their adolescence because they are the future mothers, entrepreneurs, housewives, mentors and political leaders of the countries across the globe.

We need to stand for their human rights and equal opportunities because they are equal partners in the battles of economic crises, climate change, disease prevention, political conflicts and sustainable development.

Gender equality should be an important issue and can be given utmost importance so that the girls continue to break stereotypes and build a better world for the future generation.

International Day for Girl Child: Theme for 2021

The theme on the occasion of International day for girl child 2021 is 'Digital Generation, Our Generation'. Girls have been the change makers, breaking stereotypes and standing up for themselves when no one else was.

They have much more potential that the world sees and technology is one of the best tools to help it bring in front of the world.

The last 2 years were all about digital learning and work from home.

Therefore, the theme seeks the authorities and governments to mobilise targeted investments to ensure that girls have access to internet and digital facilities.

It is also an agenda to ensure they get safe and equal opportunities to work and design such technologies.

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