How Perfect Sister Kate Middleton Supported Brother in Depression

Kate Middleton Behaved Like the Perfect Sister; Accompanied Brother James to Family Therapy

Published14 Oct 2019, 08:57 AM IST
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When Kate Middleton's brother, James Middleton, was struggling with depression — not only did his very, very, famous sister accompany him to therapy sessions, she also made sure he was doing fine.

James, who opened up about his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts with searing honesty and courage, revealed that even though like many patients he initially kept his illness to himself, his family supported him a lot, once they got to know of his condition.

The Telegraph reveals how sister Kate Middleton, and the rest of James' family, all came together, sometimes individually and sometimes as a family, to support James in family therapy.

All of them..Not necessarily at the same time, but either individually and [sometimes] together. And that was so important because that helped them understand me and how my mind was working. And I think the way the therapy helped me was that I didn’t need my family to say, 'What can we do?' The only thing they could do was just come to some of the therapy sessions to start to understand.
James Middleton, Kate Middleton's Brother

James also described how he first opened up about his suicidal thoughts, in a private psychiatric hospital.

I remember thinking, 'I might have to answer this one truthfully, because I want them to help me
James Middleton, Kate Middleton's Brother

To the question of whether he had ever contemplated suicide, James had answered in the affirmative. Although he added, that he didn't think he will ever action it.

In my report it said I had suicidal thoughts but wasn’t a threat to myself
James Middleton, Kate Middleton's Brother

Besides depression, James also had to battle ADD.

In an earlier opinion piece he'd published on The Daily Mail, James had written this:

I know I’m richly blessed and live a privileged life. But it did not make me immune to depression. It is tricky to describe the condition. It is not merely sadness. It is an illness, a cancer of the mind.
James Middleton, Kate Middleton's Brother

James undertook nearly a year of cognitive behavioral therapy and is now happily on the road to recovery.

James' honesty and sister Kate's support shows that with the right family care and a commitment to therapy, one can overcome even their darkest days.

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