MDMA Could Help Treat Alcoholism Without Risk of Relapse: Study
MDMA treatment for alcoholism could reduce relapse, finds this study.
MDMA treatment for alcoholism could reduce relapse, finds this study.(Photo: iStockphoto)

MDMA Could Help Treat Alcoholism Without Risk of Relapse: Study

Alcoholism is a difficult battle to fight — like all other addictions. But a recent study has shown promising results for the use of MDMA to successfully treat it.

Testing the administration of this drug along with psychotherapy has hitherto shown almost no relapse or physical or mental problems. This could be more effective than conventional treatments.

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The Guardian quotes Dr Ben Sessa, an addiction psychiatrist and senior research fellow at Imperial College, London, who led the trial and spoke about what current treatments lack.

“With the very best that medical science can work with, 80% of people are drinking within three years post alcohol detox.” 

This is the first such study to evaluate the use of MDMA for treating alcohol addiction, and has proven that the strategy is safe and effective.

The report states,

“After preliminary screening, including medical and psychological tests, the participants are given an eight-week course of psychotherapy. In three weeks and six, they are given a powerful dose of MDMA.”

Post some hospital sessions with a psychiatrist and a psychologist, participants were given the drug and and made to spend eight hours with these specialists, mostly lying down with eyeshades and headphones.

These sessions were followed by patients collecting data on the patients’ sleep quality, mood and potential suicide risks over phone calls. No evidence of drug withdrawal symptoms were noticed.

What is MDMA?

MDMA is a synthetic drug that acts as a stimulant and hallucinogen. It could lead to:

  • An energising effect
  • Distortions in time and perception
  • Enhanced enjoyment from sensory experiences

A more common name for MDMA in the tablet/capsule form is Ecstasy. Adulteration and drug concentrations in Ecstasy or in’Molly’ (another name for MDMA powder and capsule) could be harmful.

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