Meditation to Help You Sleep Better & Feel Relaxed Through the Day

Many studies indicate that meditation helps you regulate your sleep cycle, and relax your mind.

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Meditation to Help You Sleep Better & Feel Relaxed Through the Day

“I can't sleep!”
“I am tossing and turning in my bed, chasing sleep that doesn’t come.”
“Just help me get my full seven hours of sleep.”

As anxiety around the lockdown grows, many are complaining about lack of sleep. Cooped up in their homes, worried about the future, and letting stress take over can alter your circadian rhythm, impacting your sleep and waking cycle.

Many studies have showed how meditation can relax your mind and body, helping you get your seven to eight hours of sleep.

To help you cope, FIT returns with the second season of the guided meditation podcast with yogi Zubin Atré.

Zubin is the founder of AtréYoga, a precise science aligning body, mind, and breath. A sports yoga specialist, Zubin is also a yoga author of the book It Takes Two to Yoga.

In the second season of this series Rise With Zubin, Zubin brings you seven podcasts that will help us center ourselves, and cope with our new reality.

Take a deep breath, put on your headphones, and let FIT’s yoga guru guide you to help regulate your sleep. Meditation has been proven to play a role in relieving stress and elevating mood.

You can listen to all the episodes of the first season ‘Escape With Zubin’ here.

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