FIT Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Indian Superfoods?

How much do you know about the treasure trove of superfoods in your kitchen? Take the FIT quiz to find out.

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Put your knowledge of Indian super foods to the test.

The world is constantly in search of the next big food breakthrough, the one miracle spice, herb, fruit, or nut that is packed with all kinds of benefits.

Enter the ‘superfood’.

Some of these superfoods, however, turn out to be just superfads. Not to mention keeping up with these exotic-sounding seeds and herbs can sometimes leave a pretty bad dent on your pocket.

But if you looked closer to home, as close as your backyards and your kitchens, you’ll find a treasure trove of inexpensive superfoods.

From turmeric, to Kolonji , these unassuming herbs and spices are staples in any Indian cuisine.

But how well do you know these superfoods?

Take the FIT quiz to find out!

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