FitQuiz: What Are the Health Benefits of Nuts, Seeds & Dry Fruits?

How often should you consume nuts and seeds? Take the FitQuiz and find out!

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How often should you consume nuts and seeds? 

Winter is in and somehow the craving for comfort food skyrockets during the cold months of November-December-January. Often you are advised to snack on dry fruits and nuts to supress your hunger pangs and avoid binge-eating.

Dry fruits, nuts and seed provide the much needed nutrition and generate heat in the body during the cold months. Trail mixes are considered to be a great snack as nuts and seeds cover all your macro-nutrient bases, as they have carbs, protein and fat.

But what are the other health benefits of consuming dry fruits and nuts? How do they help keep your heart healthy? How often should you consume them?

Take this week’s FitQuiz and get all your answers here!

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Developed by: Achintya De and Shahadat Hussain

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