Poor Diet Causes More Deaths Than Tobacco Consumption: Lancet
Poor diet causes more deaths than tobacco consumption. 
Poor diet causes more deaths than tobacco consumption. (Photo: iStockphoto)

Poor Diet Causes More Deaths Than Tobacco Consumption: Lancet

A new study suggests that poor diet causes more deaths in the world than consumption of tobacco. A diet that lacks the necessary nutrients and vitamins and includes regular consumption of unhealthy junk foods leads to various diseases including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

According to a report by ANI, every fifth death in the world is caused by a poor diet. Lack of whole grains, fruits and vegetables coupled with copious amounts of unhealthy food has led to over 10 million deaths in the world.


A study published by the journal Lancet says that while tobacco consumption accounts for 8 million deaths in the world, poor diet causes 11 million deaths which is 22 perent of all adults deaths.

Mainly three factors are responsible for 50 percent diet related deaths, low intake of fruits, whole grains and high consumption of sodium. The remaining 50 percent deaths are attributed to consumption of processed meats, red meat and sugary drinks.

According to an article by the Washington Post, areas where the Mediterranean diet is prevalent, diet related deaths are significantly less, Israel, Spain and France being some of them. The Mediterranean diet is rich in nuts, healthy oils, fruits and vegetables.

Poor diet leads to various health risks including obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and increased body weight among others.

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