Interactive | How Does Diabetes Affect Your Body?

World Diabetes Day: Click on the body part to know how diabetes affects it.

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Interactive | How Does Diabetes Affect Your Body?

You either have it, or know someone who does.

The word 'diabetes' is no stranger to us, but do you know the extent of the impact it can have on your body?

From your brain to your feet, few parts of your body are really spared the fallout of diabetes.

To know just how diabetes affects these organs, click on the different body parts in this interactive.


Prevent, Control, Manage

In spite of all this, diabetes isn't a death sentence, and it is very much possible to have a long, wholesome quality of life living with the condition.

However, when it comes to diabetes, prevention is the cure. Curbing high blood pressure and prediabetes can keep you from developing diabetes.

Mindful eating, right nutrition, exercise, minimising your time in the day spent sitting, and keeping a check on your blood pressure and cholesterol are all ways to prevent, control and effectively manage diabetes, and keep the disease from getting in the way of life.

Producer: Anoushka Rajesh

Developer: Achintya De

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