FIT WebQoof: Is Drinking ‘Dew’ Bottled Water Killing People?
Is Dew packaged water fatal? 
Is Dew packaged water fatal? (Photo: iStockphoto/altered by FIT)

FIT WebQoof: Is Drinking ‘Dew’ Bottled Water Killing People?

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Don’t fall for fake news, click here to check out Quint Fit’s WebQoof stories.

The Claim

A WhatsApp forward claims that drinking bottled water from a brand named ‘Dew’ has killed almost 200 people.

(Screenshot Courtesy: WhatsApp)

True or False?

Research revealed that a similar message had been circulating for Nigeria.

(Photo: Hoax-Slayer)

The fact-checking website Hoax-Slayer completely refuted the claims after investigating the matter.

In a report, it quoted Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), which had asked the people to disregard the warnings in a public statement.

The text message is false and mischievous.

The Hoax-slayer report further quoted the agency, “Investigations so far by NAFDAC in several hospitals across the nation showed that there was no incident of hospitalization or death arising from consumption of Dew water, or any other brand of water.”

The rumour can be traced back to a Blackberry message that began in June 2011. The brand product ‘Dew’ was registered in Nigeria in 2005.

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