FIT WebQoof: Can Jumping Help You Pee?

Dr Kesarwani added that it is best to avoid these exercises and talk to a medical professional.

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Don’t rely on Whatsapp, go to a doctor for any medical issue
Don’t fall for fake news, <a href="">click here</a> to check out <b>Quint Fit</b>’s WebQoof stories.
Don’t fall for fake news, click here to check out Quint Fit’s WebQoof stories.

CLAIM: A viral whatsapp forward tells a story of an elderly doctor who cannot urinate despite wanting to, and finds relief through the physical exercise of jumping up and down.

FIT WebQoof: Can Jumping Help You Pee?

The same message cropped up on other social media portals from last year as well – the post below is from 2018.

😊😊😊😊😊😊 WHAT TO DO IF SUDDENLY YOU ARE UNABLE TO PASS URINE ... 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Forwarded.. Recently I met a famous allopathy...

Posted by Paradkar Health & Nutrition Services on Monday, April 2, 2018

True or False?

To get the bottom of this claim, FIT spoke to some doctors who unanimously agreed that if there is tension in your body it is always best to consult a doctor.

“This [jumping up and down] is not the recommended treatment for urine retention,” says Dr Pawan Kesarwani, director of the department of urology at Max Super Speciality Hospital.

Is Age a Factor?

The claim explicitly talks about a senior citizen and Dr Kesarwani added that it is best, especially for senior citizens, to avoid these exercises and talk to a medical professional.

Especially if the man is in his 70’s, like the message claims, jumping up and down will create more problems. For a young person too, it’s best to try other remedies.
Dr Pawan Kesarwani

Of course, bodily functions do deteriorate with age and Dr Vikram Kalra, additional director of nephrology at Aakash Healthcare, added that, “Old people, as mentioned in the claim, often have a weak neurological system and poor reflexes.”

“Similarly, there are many people across ages who have anxiety. Such exercises can sometimes help to distract you and remove anxiety to perform,” said Dr Kalra but he advised that even if it works it is not a permanent solution.

Typically Urine Retention is Not a Big Problem

According to health website MedicineNet, urinary retention is simply the inability to pee on your demand, and is only a major issue when it is acute.

Acute urinary retention means a complete inability to pass urine and can be considered as a medical emergency. Chronic urinary retention is when you experience difficulties in peeing and may not need immediate assistance but could lead to health problems later on.

This message does not mean all retentions can be resolved on your own. Often urine retention could be due to complications in the complex pathways between the bladder and the sphincter, or an obstruction like bladder or kidney stones.
Dr Vikram Kalra

UTI’s are also another common reason for urinary retention.

The Verdict?

When you really want to go but can’t, you may want to try anything. Doctors say that if you are young you can try, but it is always best to consult a doctor for any health issue and not rely on viral claims.

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