FIT Quiz: Are You Keeping Your Liver Healthy?

What are some signs of liver damage to look out for? Take the FIT quiz to find out.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Liver health: Take the FIT quiz to find out how much you know about caring for your liver.</p></div>

When thinking about health, your liver may not feature high up on your list of concerns. After all it is a sturdy, self-regenerating organ!

But given how much our livers do to keep toxins from damaging our bodies, they deserve some TLC (tender loving care) in return as well.

For instance, hepatitis—one of the most common types of liver infection— can be fatal if not treated right. It is also preventable with some awareness, and preventive care.

28 July is observed as world hepatitis day, and this year's theme is 'hepatitis can't wait.'

What are some factors that put you at risk of liver damage? Can you get vaccinated against hepatitis? Take the FIT quiz to find out.


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