The Viral Challenge That’s Forcing Twitter Users to Move
The Standup Challenge is trending on Twitter
The Standup Challenge is trending on Twitter(Photo: iStock)

The Viral Challenge That’s Forcing Twitter Users to Move

A new trend that’s taken over Twitter recently is forcing Twitteratis to move.

Called the ‘Stand Up challenge’, it tests your muscle strength and also lets you know how likely are you to be physically fit in old age.

This challenge is basically about getting up from the floor without any support of the hands, solely through the help of leg muscles. To make the challenge a little more difficult, the hands are kept crossed across the chests and the balance is maintained by standing on one leg.

From millennials to the middle aged to even senior citizens, everyone seems to be attempting and uploading their own versions on Twitter.

Even children cannot resist themselves from taking up this challenge!


Ever since the challenge began trending on Twitter, fitness enthusiasts have been improvising to create their own special ways of performing the challenge.

The challenge has been introduced by Blogchatter on their Instagram page to raise awareness about the reduction of muscle mass with age.

People have responded to it by creating their own versions and even tagging their friends and family to try it. No matter how tiny the impact is, challenges such as the Stand Up Challenge do tend to be a positive step towards a healthier and fit old age.

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