FitQuiz: Do You Know The Health Benefits of Yoga?

Here’s all you need to know about yoga! Take the #FitQuiz and know how yoga helps your mind, body and soul.

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Take the #FitQuiz to know the health benefits of yoga.

Do you know the word ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite’? Yes, it is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual exercises which help your entire body.

Yoga improves flexibility, eases muscle soreness, improves balance, helps in weight loss and lowers risk of heart disease. While practising yoga regularly has a lot of health benefits, there are also certain asanas that can help you tackle specific problems like back pain, acidity, infertility etc.

So thinking of getting into yoga but not sure how will it help you?

Take the #FitQuiz to know how yoga will help your mind, body and soul!


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Developed by: Achintya De and Shahadat Hussain

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