Skip Breakfast Regularly? You Could End Up With 200 Gallstones

Here’s why your mom was right all along when she forced food down your throat in the morning.

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A chinese woman developed 200 gallstones after skipping breakfast for 8 years.

For most college students and working professionals living on their own, the first meal of the day is usually consumed well into the afternoon.

The moment our moms stop forcing food down our throats before we leave home, we start slacking and skipping breakfast.

Now, said moms have a new weapon in their armoury: “You’ll get 200 gallstones if you don’t have this parantha right now.” Okay, that’s mom-level exaggeration. But something similar happened to a 45-year-old Chinese woman. Ms Chen underwent surgery to remove 200 gallstones from her gallbladder and bile ducts.

Reports say that Dr Quanwei Wei, a general surgeon, said the stones could have resulted from her habit of skipping breakfast. Chen said that she had not eaten breakfast for eight years.

Skip Breakfast Regularly? You Could End Up With 200 Gallstones

Dr Wei explained that if someone misses breakfast it stops their gallbladder from shrinking or expanding, leading to a build-up of bile. This accumulation of bile led to the formation of stones.

Why You Should Eat Breakfast Like a King

Skip Breakfast Regularly? You Could End Up With 200 Gallstones
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Breakfast is the first thing that you eat after a night-long break from food, making it the most important meal.

Breakfast is the first kick for the metabolism. It increases metabolism and at the same time helps to maintain energy levels all through the day. It reduces hunger pangs and increases digestibility too.
Dr Pooja Sharma, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert, Mumbai

Morning fluid, food and fibre together help to cleanse the system. Therefore skipping that meal affects digestion and may trigger a range of health ailments.

Weight gain is one of the most common repercussions of skipping meals, especially breakfast. If made into a habit, it may also lead to digestive issues, headaches and metabolic diseases like diabetes.

When you don’t eat in the morning, the body tries to use up energy from fats and proteins due to which ketones and other toxins are developed in small amounts. Daily skipping leads to excess toxins.
Dr Pooja Sharma

Experts say breakfast should be the heaviest meal of all, the most nutritionally loaded.

A freshly prepared and balanced breakfast is very important to meet the average daily level of nutrients sufficient for your body. It should include fruits, milk, cereal and lentils or eggs.

So, stop making excuses about not having the time to have breakfast. Start paying better attention to the most ignored but also the most important meal of the day!

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