Want To Get Fit in 2018? 8 Ways To Start Losing Weight Today

If your New Year resolution is to lose weight, then you have to go through our weight loss guide.

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Getting the picture perfect waistline is not easy, whoever tells you otherwise is lying - but follow our simple strategies to lose weight and keep it off for good (Photo: iStock)

If your resolution for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 was losing weight, then it says two things about you:

  • You’re not alone - more than 60% people around the globe resolve to get fit, year after year.
  • Losing weight is not as easy as losing your temper, keys, or phone and no one knows it better than you.

So don’t wait for the 1st of January to lose a pile of pounds, jump on your resolution TODAY, so 2018 won’t be that hard.

Lose Weight, Not Your Determination to Lose Weight

If you are looking for a quick fix to drop 5 kgs in 15 days, then this post is not for you. However, if you want to take it realistically and keep the fat from coming back, continue reading:

1. Set a Realistic Goal

Want to drop two dress sizes in a month? Dream on. Not only is this target impossible via natural means, it is also stupid to subject your body to drastic diets and workouts. So don’t aim for a size your closet has not seen in a decade, set more modest goals. Losing as less as 5 kgs can also make you much healthier and you’ll feel terrific about yourself.

Stop wishing. Start doing. (Photo: iStock)
Stop wishing. Start doing. (Photo: iStock)

2. Make Sure You’re Eating Enough

Sometimes you have to increase the number of calories you’re taking to get enough strength to finish your exercise regimen. Cut down on the portion sizes, include healthy snacks and lots of water in your routine. Even if you are swamped with work, take a ten minute break to walk in the open and revitalise your body.

3. Keep It Fresh

Fresh fruits and vegetables will give you the fuel to carry on with your day, and energy to finish your workout (Photo: The Quint)
Fresh fruits and vegetables will give you the fuel to carry on with your day, and energy to finish your workout (Photo: The Quint)

Even if you don’t eat a ton of junk food, some processed foods sneak in as healthy in supermarkets. Get as close to nature as you can- there is nothing better than ghar ka khaana, cooked with whole grains, leafy greens and proteins.

4. Don’t Fool Yourself in the Calorie Game

Losing weight is a little more complicated than calories in and calories out - but don’t fool yourself thinking a workout is a free pass to indulge. Ultimately, diet trumps exercise so be mindful of what you put in your mouth!

5. Hunger is Different From Cravings

Remember the time you went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and ended up buying the entire aisle? Before you give in to temptation, ask yourself, would you still want this snack if it were only an apple, raw carrots or a plain salad?

An apple test is the best method to know the difference between hunger and cravings (Photo: Instagram/@CavanderYacht)
An apple test is the best method to know the difference between hunger and cravings (Photo: Instagram/@CavanderYacht)

Don’t forget to have 8 to 10 glasses of water in between meals if you don’t want a stomach that grumbles ‘Chocolate Decadence’ and ‘Cheese Burrito’.

6. Go For a Run Before Binging

It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to be a bore in the party season, but before a fried-food, booze-fest, get on the treadmill for just 10 minutes. According to the University of Exeter in United Kingdom, a brief, high-intensity workout protects your heart from the damage of a high-fat meal and your brain from a stroke.

Of course, none of these tips gives license to eat as much junk as you want.

7. Keep Changing Your Workouts Regularly

Mixing your routine is always a great way to get out of a health rut. Don’t slack on the cardio but keep alternating between weights, boxing, spinning and other fun workouts if you don’t want to hit a plateau.

8. Enjoy the Journey and Know That Setbacks Are Part of the Plan

(Photo courtesy:<a href="http://mrwgifs.com/winnie-the-pooh-playing-with-the-autumn-leaves/"> mrwgifs</a>)
(Photo courtesy: mrwgifs)

Giving up due to setbacks is like slashing three tyres because you got a flat one. Ridiculous, right? So get don’t let a setback crush you. Get your ass up each time you fall. Every diet program will not give the same results for everyone. Once you start eating healthy, you will find the one which suits your body.

And stumbling is no failing. It is learning.

Here’s to a fit 2018!

(Photo courtesy: Instagram/@<a href="http://notoriousmic.tumblr.com/post/45841757308/enjoy-your-lunch-hour">NOTORIOUSMIC</a>)
(Photo courtesy: Instagram/@NOTORIOUSMIC)

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