World Heart Day Exclusive: Expert Q&A, Ask Dr Ashok Seth

World Heart Day: FIT brings you an exclusive opportunity to ask Dr Ashok Seth questions related to your heart health

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In the lead up to World Heart Day, ask Dr Ashok Seth a question!

(September 29 is World Heart Day. This story is being reposted from Quint Fit's archives in light of that)

Has work stress affected your blood pressure? Worried that your food habits and lifestyle is affecting your heart? Are you recovering from a heart condition and want advice? In the run up to World Heart Day, FIT brings to its subscribers an exclusive opportunity to ask one of the top cardiologist in the country your questions, and get personalised advice.

World Heart Day Exclusive: Expert Q&A, Ask Dr Ashok Seth

Dr Ashok Seth is one of the top cardiologists in the country and the director at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi.

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We are taking questions until Thursday, September 27. Answers will be posted on World Heart Day, September 29th on our site

According to a World Health Organisation report, nearly 75 % of the world does not get enough exercise, directly leading to heart disease. It’s time to break the cycle. FIT is also running a campaign called #JustMoveIt to get you up and moving. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for advice on how to keep your heart healthy and moving.

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