Indians’ Share Their Sexperiences: Condom Or Uncondom?

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{This video is part of a series of content pieces with Skore which looks at how India discusses changing sexual preferences, safe sex, and relationships.}

A few years ago if you would have asked Indians to talk about sex? They would have hesitated. While there was a plenty of literature available on how to have safe sex, we would still hold back on discussions around protection and contraception while being intimate.

According to government statistics, the use of condoms has declined by 52 percent in the past eight years, whereas vasectomies have also fallen 73 percent in the same period. The use of oral birth-control pills has also seen a marked decline in this period. Why?

While we have grown more open in shedding away the myriad taboos associated with sex, young people are still conscious of being judged for their choices. Lack of privacy at condom-selling stores and society frowning upon pre-marital sex deter young people from having safe sex.

Besides the stereotypical challenges, different people have also have different ideas of pleasure.

Some believe that complete pleasure cannot be attained while having sex with a condom. Others think that bringing out a condom in the middle of an intimate act "kills" the moment. But what if you could "uncondom"? What if we told you pleasure and protection can go hand in hand? We ask the people of Delhi about their sexperiences, whether they like sex with or without condom and why?

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This story was originally published on The Quint.

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