Interactive: Cola, Coffee, Laptops-Choices That Affect Your Sperms

Age is linked to a fall in fertility not simply for women but men too. Here’s how it affects sperm quality.

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Interactive: Cola, Coffee, Laptops-Choices That Affect Your Sperms

Multiple cups of coffee? Check. Laptop? Check. Smokes? Check.

Essentials that define the male executive. Here’s a bit of a bummer.

Of the 27.5 million couples who are struggling with infertility despite actively seeking pregnancy in India, 30-40 percent cases are due to male infertility.

And daily consumption of caffeine, laptop usage, alcohol and smoking - all of these are behind a drop in sperm quality.

Want to know more? Click on various objects in the interactive below and find out what it does to your sperm!


Other than these relatively obvious reasons, age is another less-talked about factor.

Age and a drop in fertility is often only associated with women. However, it’s untrue since men also undergo a similar fall. Men start losing the quantity as well as the quality of sperms soon after their 30s.

If that wasn’t disconcerting enough, an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) study concluded that while the sperm count of a normal Indian adult male used to be 60 million per ml around three decades ago, it now stands at around 20 million per ml.

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