Want That Kabaddi-Perfect Body? Say Goodbye to Butter Chicken

Let’s find out what our kabaddi players eat everyday and how many hours they spend in the gym!

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Are you a fan of the Pro Kabaddi League and can’t stop wondering how these players remain so fit? Do you harbour a secret ambition of building a perfectly-chiseled body?

Well, here’s your chance to get inside the Kabaddi training camp and find out what the players eat and what fitness routine they follow.

We have the secret.

Kabaddi Diet

Don’t you just love some spicy butter chicken with extra butter on it? Well, bad news for you!

If you want to build the perfect kabaddi body, then you have to bid farewell to the yummy kebabs and biryani. And yes, avoid those spicy dishes too.

Oh and, no sweets as well!

So, what can you eat?

Saurabh Deshmukh, the physiotherapist for the Dabang Delhi KC, said kabaddi players need to be on a 12,000 calorie diet every day in order to maintain their body strength and fitness levels.

To give you a perspective, the average Indian man needs 2,400-2,600 calories, and the woman between 1,900-2,200 calories daily.

Here is an entire day’s meal breakup of all the Kabaddi players:

Breakfast (5k calories)

  • 1-2 fruits
  • Boiled/Fried Eggs
  • Cereals
  • Protein Shakes

Lunch (4k calories)

  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Salad

Evening - Protein Shakes (1k calories)

Dinner (2.5k calories)

  • Rice
  • Dal
  • 1 - 2 Chapattis

Milk (after dinner & in the morning) is very important!

The players also need extra nutritional supplements of protein & carbohydates, whey protein and isotonic drinks.

Kabaddi Fitness Routine

The game of kabaddi is a combination of athletics and wrestling. And since it involves a lot of lower body muscle strength, it is important for the players to train rigorously. They practice for 5-6 hours everyday, followed by 1.5 hours of intense gyming, along with 12-15 km running once a week!

You need to sweat it out in the gym with:

  • A lot of stretching
  • Cycling
  • Treadmill running
  • Weight training

Well, there you have it – the perfect formula for the perfect Kabaddi body.

Camera: Meghnad Bose

Video Editor: Rahul Sanpui

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