When Will We Have a COVID-19 Vaccine? 6 Months Says Brit Expert

According to the head of the vaccine team at Oxford University, human trials were to begin in two weeks. 

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According to the head of the vaccine team at Oxford University, human trials were to begin in two weeks.

A professor at Oxford University is “80 per cent certain” that the world would see a vaccine for the deadly novel coronavirus by September 2020.

Despite experts saying that a vaccine could take years and at least 18 months, Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, said that she was almost certain that we would have a vaccine that works as early as September 2020, reported Bloomberg.

Gilbert added that her team was one of the most advanced in Britain and the certainty of a vaccine was therefore well calculated. She reportedly said that human trials were to begin in two weeks.

This surprising but happy news comes as Britain enters its fourth week of the lockdown and Prime Minister Borish Johnson recovers from his stint in the ICU as he heals from COVID-19.

‘Will Try and Start Production Before Final Results Are in’: Gilbert

However, it’s all not good news. Even if the vaccine is ready by September, manufacturing and distribution can delay the process - especially for its use all across the world.

But Gilbert says she has a plan for this - and is already in talks with the British government about funding and beginning production before the final results are even in.

While this seems unprecedented for vaccine trials that go through various rounds of testing and vetting before approval, these are extraordinary times as well.

A vaccine is vital in reducing the growing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide and will help tremendously in reducing the death rate of the disease.

(With inputs from Bloomberg.)

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